How a DUI will Effect your Arizona Insurance Rates

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If you’re caught driving under the influence, it’s likely that your insurance premium will be affected.

We understand that receiving a DUI can be a difficult experience. As you can imagine, having a DUI on your driving record means you’ll be paying for it long after your court or legal interactions have ended. In fact, a DUI often directly impacts what you pay for auto insurance. Here’s why.  DUI Car Insurance SR 22 Arizona  DUI Car Insurance How Long?

Driving Records Show DUIs

Your driving record shows if you have a DUI conviction. If you want to purchase an auto policy with a company, it generally requests and reviews a copy of your driving record, during which the DUI will be noted. If you’re renewing your auto policy, your driving record also may be reviewed to properly set your insurance rate. Please note this is only if you have been convicted of a DUI. There is some time between when you are charged and convicted. Your Arizona criminal defense attorney will be helping your through this process.

You May Be Considered a Higher Risk Driver

A DUI affects what insurance companies charge you for insurance because they may consider you a higher risk driver. Often, points are added to your driving history because of a DUI. When insurance companies assess this history, they may charge you more if you have more points than the average driver.

Some Arizona insurance companies may not even insure you if you have a DUI on your record. Progressive will insure you regardless of whether or not you have a DUI, though we do charge you appropriately for one.

SR-22 Filings May Be Required

Most of the time, you’ll also have to file an SR-22 if you’re convicted of a DUI. An  SR-22  is a statement of financial responsibility that serves as proof that you have the proper amount of insurance that your state has required you to have. Your insurance company may file the SR-22 for you , but be sure to check with your company for their standard procedure.

Depending on your situation, you may have to file an SR-22 for several years. The amount of time an SR-22 remains active is based on your state and the incidental factors surrounding your DUI. Having an SR-22 often puts you in the higher risk category with auto insurance companies, which means your rates could increase and remain higher several years after you receive a DUI.

Though a DUI doesn’t inherently cause your insurance rates to increase, it most likely will. If you get a DUI, it’s not the end of the world. However, expect to pay for it for at least a few years — especially if it concerns your auto insurance. If you feel that you have been wrongly charged with a DUI and not yet convicted we recommend you speek with an Arizona DUI lawyer who knows the Arizona law regarding these charges. Here is who you should contact.

The Hogle Firm
1013 S. Stapley Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85204
(480) 999-5334

Flood Insurance in Scottsdale AZ

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Home Insured for Water Damage Monsoon Season

For some, it’s hard to wrap your head around the possibility of flooding in Scottsdale, AZ.  How could it possibly flood in the desert?  Trust us, it can happen and at a moment’s notice, it does happen.  Were you aware that your existing homeowner’s insurance policy does not protect your home from flood damage?

When natural disasters ravage all areas of the country, from levee failures in New Orleans, storm surge in New York and New Jersey to rivers topping their banks in the Midwest, homeowners often find out too late their home is uninsured against rising water.  In some instances, homes are a total loss with no relief available from the homeowner’s insurance they’ve been paying for, often for many years.

If you want to insure your home against any possible event, having flood coverage in place is an absolute must.  Flood insurance for the entire country is managed by FEMA through The National Flood Insurance Program.  Premiums are set by FEMA and are quite reasonable with coverage that protects your home should it become damaged by flooding waters.  Flood policies also have coverage for contents to protect interior items such as furniture, flooring, drapes and cabinets.

Our Scottsdale Insurance Agents can advise you on the appropriate amount of Flood Insurance coverage available for your high end home.  Do not think that because you live in the desert that your home is immune to a potential flash flood.  Homes in nearby Maricopa were damaged from flood waters in August as a result of torrential downpours that plagued Arizona for days.

Contact us today to discuss adding a flood policy to your existing coverage.  Being prepared for any possibility, including floods in the desert, will give you the peace of mind that you’ll be covered.

Scottsdale Auto Insurance Tips for a Safe Holiday Shopping Season

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Scottsdale Auto Insurance TipsWith the holiday season in full swing, another thing that is probably full is your car – after a trip to the shopping mall. But unfortunately, not everyone is full of cheer this winter. According to the FBI, nearly 400,000 burglaries occur between November and December. Don’t let a bah-humbug car theft bring down your holiday by allowing your vehicle to be at risk – whether it’s in your driveway or at the mall parking lot – or by letting you be an easy target. Keep yourself – and your purchases – safe this year by following a few simple tips.

  • Lock your doors. Yes, this is obvious, but it’s also easy to forget. Your hands are full, your keys are at the bottom of your purse, you think you’ll be in the store for only a minute, you live in a safe neighborhood. But only one little click can save you from becoming a victim. Thieves will often just go from car to car, looking for the one that is unlocked. Don’t let yours be the one.
  • Keep valuables tucked out of sight. As our gadgets get smaller, the price tag often gets bigger. Don’t let an expensive GPS or phone be a carrot on a stick for potential thieves. Though a valuable is small, it isn’t invisible. Even spare change left in a cupholder can be attractive to a would-be criminal. Thieves know what they’re looking for and anything left in plain sight – big or small – is tempting. It’s easy, during the hustle and bustle of the season, to just toss your purchases in your back or front seat as you go from store to store. Take just a few extra seconds to lock your electronics and other valuable items in your glove compartment, tuck shopping bags in your trunk or keep them with you.
  • Park in a well-lit area. Again, the most obvious tips are the ones we sometimes forget to follow. Keeping your car under a light in the parking lot (even if it’s slightly further away from an entrance) is a simple way to keep you – and your valuables – safe. Thieves are less likely to commit a crime when they are in the spotlight.
  • Don’t buy more than you can carry. While it’s tempting to be efficient and carry bags upon bags, it puts you and your gifts at risk. Shop with friends, or ask for help from a store employee. If you’re floundering with bags and packages en route to your car, you might become a target.
  • Protect yourself, too. While the theft of your valuables could put a damper on your holiday season, your personal safety is much more important. When you return to your car after a shopping outing, make sure you’re aware of your surroundings. Check around you and check inside your car before getting in.
  • Keep up-to-date. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Make sure that your insurance coverage is current and covers all you intend it to. So even if you are the victim of theft or damage, you’ll recover your holiday cheer in no time.

Car theft is devastating at any time during the year, but can be especially more so during the holiday season. Scottsdale Auto Insurance reminds you to remember just a few commonsense tips to help ensure a great start to the new year.

Scottsdale Insurance Buys Peace of Mind and Builds a Hedge of Protection

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Scottsdale Insurance Agent“Money can’t buy happiness.” We’ve all heard it 1,000 times. But, can money help buy peace of mind? We believe so, in the form of high-quality homeowners, auto, business and life insurance.

You’ve invested years of education, effort and dedication to be in a position not only for high-value property acquisition, but also the enjoyment of a particular lifestyle for you and your family. The Scottsdale lifestyle.

Renowned Golf Channel analyst and PGA Tour veteran, Brandel Chamblee, in the 2012 Official Visitors Guide of the Scottsdale, AZ Convention & Visitors Bureau:

“I could live anywhere in the world, but I live here because this is the best place in the world to live…everywhere you look it’s just beautiful. There are mountains, golf courses, swimming pools, people, shopping, art. It’s paradise! Why wouldn’t you want to live here?”

And you agree. You’ve sacrificed in many areas and along the way have gained an understanding of real worth and value. Of course, your loved ones top the list, and caring for them is of the utmost importance to you.

 Caring for Home and Family

One of the most fundamental aspects of caring for your loved ones is providing a beautiful, safe home. A secure place for growth, nurturing and building lifelong memories–memories of childhood, holidays and family gatherings. Time spent playing and relaxing or working together on special projects. The most heartwarming memories you’ve built are most likely centered around home and family.

Scottsdale Homeowner’s Insurance can help you protect those memories–and the opportunity to create more–by guarding against life’s unforeseen occurrences.

Protection for Generations to Come

You intend to be with your family for many years. You’ve built a legacy for them and generations to come and your heart’s desire is to offer them a stable future. An appropriate level of life insurance in Scottsdale AZ, geared specifically toward high net worth individuals and business owners, is a necessity for security and wealth protection. It must be an integral part of your long-range planning. The experts at Scottsdale Insurance Home are here to work with you to determine and obtain the type and amount of life insurance you need to safeguard your family’s future.

Covering Your Assets

Make sure to talk with you Scottsdale Insurance Agent about our specialized insurance policy coverages with higher limits in line with your assets to provide coverage against loss due to fire, natural disaster, crime and more:

• Unique high-value homes and condos

• Vacation and secondary residences

• Private fleet and classic autos

• Fine art, antiques, jewelry and collectibles

• Pleasure boats and yachts

• Business assets

and more…

Excess Liability Coverage

Excess Liability Coverage, also known as an Umbrella Policy, is often recommended for truly comprehensive insurance coverage for affluent residents of Scottsdale. An umbrella policy offers an extra level of protection that can help reduce the risk of financial liability beyond the scope of other types of coverage and is especially beneficial if you own a small business or possess high-value assets. This affordable insurance guards against seizure of personal property and possible financial ruin brought about by enormous legal and medical fees resulting from ever-present lawsuits.

Build a Hedge of Protection

Don’t allow the unexpected to rob you of peace of mind and threaten those you love. Contact us today and let James Hansen of Scottsdale Insurance Home help build a complete hedge of protection around you, your family, your assets and your business. We’re part of the Scottsdale AZ community and are here to help you.

Anti-Concurrent Causation and Other Gaps in Scottsdale Home Insurance

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Gaps you may have in your scottsdale home insurance.

few blog posts ago we wrote about the impact of desert weather on your home’s exterior. Hot desert weather is what most people associate with Arizona.

Sometimes people who live outside the Scottsdale area don’t realize the variety of weather conditions that can affect Scottsdale homes and insurance policies. In fact, sometimes locals forget about the impact of weather conditions. From flash floods and monsoons to hot desert summers, it is important to review your policy regularly to ensure you have the proper coverage.

What you might have overlooked are these five things that you may find your Scottsdale home insurance will exclude or limit.

Anti-concurrent causation. When two events happen simultaneously, if one isn’t covered by your home insurance, the policy may not cover damage from either event. Talk to your insurance agent about your current coverage.

Flood coverage. As we noted in an earlier blog, “Scottsdale Home Insurance a Safe Bet During Monsoon Season,” each year “across the nation there are more deaths attributed to flooding than any other severe-weather event, according to the county’s flood control district.” For Arizona, monsoon season typically falls toward the end of summer around August. For homeowners, flood insurance is not automatic. The National Flood Insurance Program is the primary source of coverage for damage from flash floods and heavy rains.

Earthquake coverage. Traditionally, the Scottsdale area isn’t prone to earthquakes. However, in this October 2012 news story out of Tucson the Arizona Geological Survey has recently released a free, new book called, Arizona is Earthquake Country. Being so close to California may have something to do with that.

Lost wages. If you have to take time off due to a catastrophe, your typical home insurance policy will not reimburse your wages. There is insurance, such as disability insurance, to cover loss of income if you are injured. Otherwise, if you need to take time off, you’ll likely have to use your accrued, paid vacation.

Rebuilding your home. Most home insurance policies have built-in limits, so the cost to rebuild might exceed the cap on your policy. Plus, when you go to rebuild, you may find there are changes to the building code that can increase your expenses. Most home insurance policies don’t cover the additional cost of mandated upgrades unless you have an insurance rider. This August 2012 article at Kiplinger suggests the dwelling limit is “typically 10% of the dwelling limit for other structures on your property, 50% for contents, and 20% for loss of use of your home (additional living expenses when you can’t live in your home).” You may want to consider guaranteed replacement coverage.

Knowing what your home insurance covers is important to home ownership. If you’re looking for the right Scottsdale home insurance policy, let us find the right policy for you.

High Value Home Insurance Must Haves

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Home Insurance for High Value Homes

If your Scottsdale, AZ home is high in value, you are not going to want to settle for a home insurance that doesn’t offer you the high value home insurance coverage and benefits that you need.  The basics and minimums offered on a policy shouldn’t be satisfactory for you.  Scottsdale Insurance views high value homes differently than a typical policy because we work with high value clients every day.  Your policy is designed to provide you with benefits and privileges designed for affluent customers.  Here are some things to keep in mind when you are reviewing your policy before you sign:

  • Does this policy offer enough coverage for personal possessions?  Your home is going to have a lot more valuables than an average home, so your policy should take that into consideration and provide you with the limits you need.  The policy should provide for high value personal property, antique or high value furniture, expensive art pieces, and your various collections.
  • Does this policy offer a higher coverage limit for liability purposes?
  • Does the policy take into consideration your needs regarding multiple dwellings on your property?  If you have a detached garage housing antique cars, or a mother-in-law apartment these should be noted and covered on your policy.
  • If something should happen to your home, and you need to temporarily reside elsewhere, does the policy offer more generous living expenses?
  • Because of your affluence, you’re at a higher risk of identity theft and fraud.  Does this policy provide higher coverage that takes into consideration the loss you might incur?

Your home is an investment and you want your home insurance to reflect that.  The interiors of your home and your valuables are also investments, so don’t allow yourself to exclude them even accidently, from your policy.

Cars for Teenagers that May Help Lower Your Auto Insurance

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Insurance for TeenagersYou’re probably already aware that having a teenage driver on your Scottsdale auto insurance policy can increase your insurance rates. However, in 2011 CBS MoneyWatch consulted withConsumer Reports automotive editor Mike Quincy and found out about six cars that he considers “safe, efficient, and inexpensive.” Here are the six he recommended for a new driver.

Honda Fit. According to the article, this is Honda’s “budget-mobile” and it is a “favorite among automotive writers.” Even Jeff Sabatini at the Wall Street Journal called it his favorite car for “best-all-around transportation.” 

Hyundai Elantra GLS. Just a bit bigger in size and price than the Fit, it has many new safety features, such as six airbags and side impact beams, and doesn’t pinch your pocket book when it comes to gas. Plus they’ve improved on the coolness factor when it comes to looks.

Kia Forte EX. Highly regarded because of its value, this car is considered fun to drive. One of the biggest complains – likely from teenagers, not their parents – is that it is a bit slow on acceleration. 

Honda Accord. The recommendation is to choose a used Accord because a used car is the most reliable way to lower the cost of owning a car. Not only can you pick up a 2006 for about $10,000, these cars are known for their reliability records.

Chevy Malibu. According to (Kelly Blue Book), you can pick up a late model for less than $15,000. With above-average reliability, many find the Chevy Malibu to be comfortable and spacious.Also if you live in Mesa Arizona, head over to our sister company and see what options are availble for your Mesa AZ auto insurance.

Toyota Camry. Camry’s have a history of reliability and value. If you get one used, you save on auto insurance costs. Though they recommend 2007 or newer because that was the year Toyota introduced the electronic stability control as an option.

In February 2012, Consumer Reports posted this list, which is a bit more extensive. Moreover, they offered these tips:

  • Newer models generally offer more safety features and provide better crash protection
  • Buy the newest, most reliable model with the most safety equipment you can afford
  • Make sure the car has antilock brakes
  • Other desirable safety features include multistage advanced front air bags, side and head-protection curtain air bags, and electronic stability control

In addition, they made these recommendations:

Another benefit can be gained by an advanced driving training course. Such courses are offeredby various advanced driving schools at closed tracks throughout the country and teach car control and proper driving. 

Tremendous advances in crash protection have been made in the past 10 years. Check the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrationwebsites to see crash results for models you are considering. Both sites post results that go back to the 1990s. 

The safety of your young driver is not only important to you, it’s important to us. If you’re in need of Scottsdale insurance agent or have questions about your current policy, let us know. We’re here to help.

What it Means to Add Teens to Your Scottsdale Car Insurance Policy

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As unfortunate as it is, the greatest risk for traffic crashes is among teenage drivers. In fact, according to statistics:

  • Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers across the United States.
  • Per mile driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are four times more likely than older drivers to crash.
  • Crash risk is particularly high during the first year that teenagers are eligible to drive.
  • Teens are more likely than older drivers to speed and allow shorter distance between their car and the car ahead of them.

That is why when you want to add your teenage children to your Scottsdale auto insurance policy, you may find your insurance rates increase. What can you do to limit the hit to your insurance premiums?

Driving Permit May Limit Insurance Increase

According to the website, “Many insurers only hike insurance premiums after a teen receives a driver’s license.” Therefore, they recommend that you encourage your teen driver to hang onto their permit status longer. They’ll have to “abide by the stricter driving requirements imposed on permit holders,” but it could ultimately save you money.

One option that some people recommend is to consider buying a separate insurance policy for your teen. However, the counter argument is that a separate policy will not have sufficient coverage in case of accident, so you would be wiser to insure them on your policy where you can get the highest limits. Better to pay a higher premium and have sufficient coverage than to risk losing your assets in a lawsuit.

Other Options to Save Money on Your Auto Insurance Policy

Some of the additional options you may want to investigate when it comes to teen auto insurance include:

  • Consider adding your teen to your policy as an “occasional driver” and/or assign them to the least expensive car on your policy.
  • Choose a car that offers a recognized safety record and has multiple safety features, such as air bags, antilock brakes, electronic stability control, and head restraints as well as security features such as anti-theft devices and a GPS to track where your teen is at all times.
  • Look into good student, driver education, and low-mileage driver discounts.
  • Don’t just accept what your current insurance provider offers. Shop around to make sure you are getting the best coverage for the best price (not the cheapest).
  • Consider a graduated drivers licensing (GDL) system. They are designed to delay full licensure while allowing teens to get their initial driving experience under low-risk conditions. Research suggests that the most comprehensive GDL programs reduce fatal crashes (38%) and injury crashes (40%) in fatal and injury crashes among 16-year-old drivers.

As a parent you need to help your teenager understand the importance of safe driving. Talk with your teenager about driver safety, distracted driving, traffic violations, and auto accidents. Not just because it will affect your insurance rates, but because it affects so much more.

If you need assistance in choosing the best auto insurance policy for you and your family, contact our Scottsdale, AZ Insurance office.

Make the Holiday Season Happy for Your Scottsdale Insurance Agent with These Safety Tips

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The holiday season should be a joyous time of the year. Yet every year, U.S fire departments respond to nearly 250 home structure fires that begin with Christmas trees, according to the National Fire Protection Association. These fires cause an average of 13 deaths, 27 injuries, and $16.7 million in direct property damage.

If you want to make the holiday season happy for your Scottsdale insurance agent this (and every) year, follow these safety tips.

Make Sure Your Christmas Tree is Fresh 

Since the risk of fire is higher with natural trees than artificial ones, be sure that if you buy a real tree, you check for freshness. Here’s how, according to the Automobile Club of Southern California:

  • Pull the needles back from the branches. If they come off easily, the tree is too dry.
  • Check the trunk at the cut to make sure it is sticky with fresh tree resin.
  • Bounce the tree on the ground and if needles fall of, the tree is too dry.

Once you pick the perfect tree, you’ll need to keep it fresh. Place it in a water-bearing stand and check the water level every day. Additionally, keep it away from heat sources to keep it from drying out faster and from burning.

Check Your Outdoor Lights before Hanging Them

You’ll want to make sure that the lights you hang outside your home are safe. To do this:

  • Make sure they are certified for outdoor use.
  • Inspect each strand for cracked sockets and frayed wires.
  • Throw away damaged sets of lights.
  • Plug in the lights using an extension cord designed for outside use.
  • Limit your connections to three or less strands.

Don’t forget to turn your exterior lights out when you leave your home or go to sleep. Lights can short out and cause fires.

Carefully Choose the Holiday Decorations You Use 

Holiday candles are a favorite in many homes during the holiday season. However, be sure never to leave a candle burning in a room where it is unattended. Additionally, keep them in non-burning holders and out of the reach of children and pets. You may want to consider using battery-operated candles for safety reasons.

A fire in the fireplace is a great way to enjoy the holiday spirit. Make sure before you light a fire, there is no greenery or needles nearby and don’t use wrapping paper to light it. It tends to catch fire rapidly and get big quickly. This could send sparks and embers into the outside air or cause a chimney fire.

To ensure you have a safe and happy holiday season, make sure your Scottsdale home insurance is current. Talk to your insurance agent about your coverage or other steps you can take to keep your home safe (and your insurance agency happy) this holiday season.

High-Risk Drivers in Scottsdale Find Quality Auto Insurance

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Whether you live in New York City or Scottsdale, AZ, most states mandate that you carry auto insurance with minimum liability coverage. But, what if you have a bad driving record? Can you afford to have auto insurance?

Better yet – can you afford not to have auto insurance?

Are You a High-Risk Driver?

Most people think of high-risk drivers as those with multiple tickets and/or accidents. However, it’s more than that. Here are some factors that may qualify you as a high-risk driver:

  • You have been driving for less than a year (regardless of age)
  • You are between the ages of 16 and 24
  • You own a sports car
  • You live in a high-crime neighborhood
  • You have a long daily commute
  • You have a medical condition that may impair your ability to drive (such as visual or hearing impairment or an injury to a limb)
  • You are an older driver (generally over the age of 65)
  • You have had multiple accidents ruled as your fault
  • You have one or more DUIs (driving under the influence) or a suspended, canceled, or revoked license
  • You have multiple moving violations, especially speeding, running a red light, or rolling through a stop sign

While one of these may not affect or may only nudge your auto insurance rates up slightly, more than one can have a significant impact on your ability to get insurance as well as the cost of your premiums. In general, high-risk auto insurance can be very expensive.

Taking Control of Your Driving Record 

Even if you’re a high risk driver, you can reduce the amount of money you pay for auto insurance by taking the right steps to overcome the high prices that insurance companies would normally charge you.

Multiple coverage discount. Even if you driving record isn’t stellar, most insurance carriers offer discounts to individuals who take out more than one type of insurance policy with them. So if you own a home, need life insurance, have your own business, or are in need of any other type of insurance policy, talk to your insurance agent about getting a package deal. For parents, this means including their teenagers on their auto insurance policy.

Take a driving class. Your auto insurance carrier might offer you a better rate if you take a safe driver or defensive driving course. Check around. You might even be able to find a free course, such as Key to Safe Teen Driving offered to Ohio teens by Kumho Tires USA, KeyBank, and The Mid-Ohio School.

Reconsider your car. Being young, cool, and driving a hot car to prove it can place you in the high-risk driver category. Before you run out and purchase one of the top stolen cars in the country, according to this article from Forbes, consider buying something a little more ordinary and practical.

Add safety features. Always wear your seat belt. In addition, protect you and your car further by making sure it has safety and theft deterrent equipment, such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, and a car alarm.

At the end of the day, the best way to remove yourself from the high-risk driver category is to drive defensively and safely. That way you’ll be able to get quality auto insurance regardless whether you live in Scottsdale or anywhere else.