Scottsdale Home Insurance – Scottsdale Homeowners Insurance

There are many differences when you compare a Home Insurance policy between cities and between Insurance Companies. So what make the Home Insurance policies at Scottsdale Home Insurance the Best? Or, Is it the homeowners policy coverage or is it the price? The thinking behind every insurance commercial you see of hear is pretty geared toward one view point: Saving Money on Insurance by Switching!


What Make Our Scottsdale Home Insurance Different

Aren’t all home insurance policies in Scottsdale, AZ the same? This is a question that we hear when we first start talking to a new client in the Scottsdale Arizona area. The truth is every home insurance company in Scottsdale, AZ has different language in their policies. What this means is you will get vastly different coverages depending on the insurance company you buy your homeowners insurance policy from.

Here is what is covered on a  typical Scottsdale Home Insurance Policy:

1. Coverage for the dwelling. (also referred to as Coverage A, on a homeowners policy) This is for the main structure, the home itself. The amount indicated on your policy is the amount of money that your insurance company will pay should there be damage (that’s covered) to the structure of the home.